The Best Vacation Rental Deal on Amelia Island
Providing you a  home away from home
Amelia Island and the surrounding islands of Cumberland, Big & Small Talbot and Ft. George  are a must see!
Come visit with us at your home away from home and enjoy the relaxing beauty these islands offer. Be very careful, you maybe tempted to stay forever!

Native American bands associated with the Timucuan mound-building culture settled on the island, which they called Napoyca, circa 1000. They would remain on Napoyca until the early 18th century. Prior to that,the island has frequently changed possession and been under eight different flags - the only United States location to have done so!

Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Florida is also home to the North American shrimping industry which is celebrated annually the first week in May. This event is proceeded annually by the Amelia Island ,Ritz Carlton Concours d'Elegance auto event. Both attractions are a must see event.
Amelia Island is centrally located to Cumberland Island, Big & Small Talbot Island and Ft. George Island.

Each island offers a great day trip to see vast unpopulated beaches, massive oak trees, historical forts, mansions, settlements, plantations, etc. Our town-home is centrally located to these islands or just step across the street to the beach and enjoy the best waves on Amelia Island. Enjoy golfing, horseback riding, shelling , surfing , bicycling, kiting, wind surfing, hiking,surf fishing, charter fishing, etc.

Fort Clinch, on the north end of the island offers a great historical perspective of the islands struggle to protect its shores from various invaders throughout its past. Also visit and fish from the new pier in the park or catch sheep head and flounder from the jetties adjacent to the pier. You can also spend a day hiking or bicycling through the large canopied oaks and flora which abounds in the park area.
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